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About WeSpa Tsubakiyama

WeSpa Tsubakiyama is a charming Western European style roofed cottage with the feeling of a holiday house. The place is surrounded by World Heritage Shirakami Mountains and the Japan Sea where the evening sun sinks into the water.

Moreover there are hot springs and restaurants where you can survey the scene of the Japan Sea or souvenir shops with great numbers of local special products.

Also our institution has amusing places like a specialized glass workshop where you can have a personal experience of creating glass articles, a Bug Museum where you can see insects from all around the world, a viewing platform and other facilities for children and adults as well.

Other sightseeing institutions are near


The famous outdoor seaside bath, Furofushi Hot Spring that hides on the beach and often shown in television and magazines too is very close to WeSpa Tsubakiyama.

Besides the Shirakami mountains, there is a prominent sightseeing area of Aomori prefecture, the Twelve Lakes-area where just for only one example you can find the famous deep blue water pond that is called Aoike which means the Blue pond.

All of these places are very close to WeSpa Tsubuakiyama so it is a perfect starting point for long tours.

Institution information



The separated bedroom and living room with vast airspace is suitable for families and groups. Naturally we welcome families have little children as well.

Cottages(Japanese pages)


Resturant “Camellia”

We proud of our Japanese foods like sushi or sashimi of fishes caught from the Japan Sea. You can enjoy your meal while watching the magnificent Japan Sea below.

Resturant Camellia(Japanese pages)

souvenir shop

Souvenir shop “Colobuckle”

You can find a collection of real Aomori souvenirs here. We have not only well-known products but a lot of rare articles you can’t obtain somewhere else.

About the souvenir shop “Colobuckle”(Japanese pages)

Hot Spring

Hot Spring (Nabeishi Onsen)

If the weather is fine we open up the windows and it becomes an open-air bath. You can enjoy the hot water and the view as the setting sun sinking on the horizon of the Japan Sea.

Hot Spring (Nabeishi Onsen)(Japanese pages)

Glass workshop

Glass workshop

In this glass workshop which is endowed with a very special electric melting furnace that uses wind power, you can have the experience of glass-blowing and take part of making glass accessories too.

Glass workshop(Japanese pages)

About the Bug Museum

Bug Museum

Beginning with the Japanese beetles or stag beetles we introduce examples of bugs and insects from all around the world. In the summer there is not only an exhibition but we open the observation garden where you can observe these living creatures in their natural environments.

Bug Museum(Japanese pages)

About the Moyai statue

Moyai statue

Moyai statue has mysterious history and after taking a journey of more than 1000 kilometers from Izu Islands it arrived to WeSpa Tsubakiyama. As the symbol of marriage it has great popularity among young couples.

Moyai statue(Japanese pages)

About the Mevent stage

Event stage

Our stage is related to the JR Gonosen line WeSpa Tsubakiyama Station, and gives the sense of freedom that you can’t feel in the downtown for instance.

Event stage(Japanese pages)

You will feel the power of Mother Nature, the Sea and the Mountain on your skin


Fukaura of Aomori prefecture is located in a place between the World Heritage Mt. Shirakami and the grand Japan Sea. The town is blessed with wonderful nature, scenery and with prosperous fishing industry and agriculture.

It is a traditional rural place so the people of the town have kind of problems and inconvenience that city people do not know about. But in the other hand everyone here takes good care about the local sources and lives the every-day life in a slow rhythm.

If it seems to you that you may have forgotten what is human life in the modern city, how about trying a completely another way of life with some inconvenience in Fukaura? The lost feeling of humanity will be revived here without fail.


By train

Via Morioka/Akita

Tokyo (Akita Shinkansen) → Morioka Station →
Akita Station (JR Eastern Japan Gonosen Line) → WeSpa Station

Via Morioka/Hachinoe

Tokyo (Touhoku Shinkansen) → Morioka Station → Hachinoe Station →
Shin-Aomori Station (JR Eastern Japan Ou-Honsen Line) →
Kawabe Station (JR Eastern Japan Gonosen Line) → WeSpa Station

Via Hakodate

Sapporo (JR Hokkaido Honsen Line) → Hakodate Station (JR Hokkaido Honsen Line) →
Shin-Aomori Station (JR Eastern Japan Ou-Honsen Line) →
Kawabe Station (JR Eastern Japan Gonosen Line) → WeSpa Station

By Airplane

Airplane + Bus + Train

Tokyo (Narita Airport)/Hokkaido (Chitose Airport) → Aomori Airport (By bus) →
Aomori Station (Ou-Honsen Line) → Kawabe (Honosen Line) → WeSpa Station

Airplane + Car

Tokyo (Narita Airport)/Hokkaido (Chitose Airport) → Aomori Airport →
Prefectural Road Route 7 to Namioka district →
National Highway Route 7 to Daishaka district →
On National Highway Route 101 to WeSpa Station

By Car

Tohoku Express Way ∙ from Owani Hirosaki IC (about 100 min)
Akita Express Way ∙ from Noshiro Minami IC (about 60 min)

  1. Tokyo → Touhoku Express Way → Ouwani Hirosaki IC → WSspa Tsubakiyama
  2. Tokyo → Akita Express Way→ Noshiro MinamiIC → Wespa Tsubakiyama
  3. Sapporo → Hakodate → Ferry → Prefectural Road Route 7 to Namioka district →
    National Highway Route 7 to Daishaka district →
    On National Highway Route 101 to Vespa Station

About our loaning service

There is BBQ cooking place in the garden of the cottage

  • BBQ portable cooking stove
  • Outdoor tables
  • Outdoor log chairs
  • Led lights
  • Hotplate
  • Room wares (Children and adult size)
  • Table clock
  • Humidifier
  • Mobile phone charger
  • Bicycle loaning

Rent-a-car service

Leaving and dispatching cars in WeSpa Tsubakiyama.
For further information please call 81-173-33-0100 of Toyota Rental & Leasing of Aomori Goshogawara Shop


Parking places are granted until 250 cars

Inside of the institution area we go to meet our guests

Only one phone-call and we go to meet you when you arrive, because WeSpa is a very huge area. So if you come here by train or you had some alcohol in a restaurant for instance please do not hesitate to call us.

A world-class beech forest

Shirakami sanchi Life and Activities

The Shirakami Sanchi is a mountainous region located in the northernmost part of Japan’s main island. It is an expansive 130,000 hectare area crossing into both Aomori and Akita prefectures.
The 16,971 hectare heart of the region was registered in December 1993 as Japan’s very first World Heritage Site, along with Yakushima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Shirakami sanchi Life and Activities